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Replacement parts for all Flame Boss controllers.

Tame the Flame with Flame Boss Replacement Parts

The Flame Boss smoker controller is cherished by the most serious pit masters for good reason. A well cared for controller lasts for years, but occasionally probes or a power supply require replacement. With direct-from-the-source Flame Boss replacement parts, you can keep your controller in the game and enjoy perfectly smoked meats with an assist from your smoking sidekick. There's no need to replace your Flame Boss when a simple fix can often do the trick.

On occasion, you may need to replace a Flame Boss probe. To check that it's working properly, follow these directions on our troubleshooting page or perform a boiling water test to check accuracy. Affordable replacement Flame Boss probes are simple to swap out and are made with high-quality components, including industrial-duty platinum with stainless steel shielding. Pick up replacement probes for all Flame Boss models here.

Adapters, Batteries and Replacement Probes for Flame Boss

In addition to replacement probes for Flame Boss controllers, you'll also find rechargeable battery packs that allow you to cook with your Flame Boss anywhere. Take it tailgating, camping, and anywhere else you want to share that sweet, smoked joy. Our full line of Flame Boss adapters includes all the pieces and parts you need to use your favorite controller with your favorite grill or smoker. Shop adapters for kamado grills, Meadow Creek, Cotton Gin, Guru, and more so you can get the most out of your controller.

If you aren't sure which parts you need, feel free to reach out to us and we'll gladly assist you with your purchase.