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Flame Boss® temperature controllers for charcoal grills and smokers. Please select model during checkout.

Your New Smoker-Temperature Control Hero

As smoked food pros, we all know the old saying: Patience makes the meat smoke better. OK, we just made that up, but you get the idea. Smoking meats is a labor of love and time, one that involves constant monitoring. Those perfect, moist briskets and pork ribs from your favorite BBQ joint cooked for hours, sometimes even overnight. That's because low and slow is always the way to go. But smoking a piece of meat is a challenging feat when you can't commit to standing next to your smoker for 10-plus hours at a time. Enter the Flame Boss smoker controller, otherwise known as "the cruise control of smokers."

The Flame Boss Smoker Controller is a Wi-Fi enabled smart smoker temperature control unit for your smoker. It works with kamado-style cookers as well as offset, drum, and cabinet smokers. By controlling the heat with a reliable temperature probe, the smoker controller is able to control the temp so every piece of meat, poultry, or fish comes out of your smoker perfectly smoked, no matter what. Your complete smoker controller kit includes the controller, a blower assembly with adapters, a high-temperature meat probe, a high-temperature pit probe, and a power supply.

Which Flame Boss is Best?

The latest and greatest smoker controller on the market is the Flame Boss 500 Wi-Fi Smoker Controller, and we always recommend this unit for new and seasoned smoker enthusiasts. It features a large LCD display with four lines to clearly display temperatures, a variable speed blower, and works seamlessly with the Flame Boss mobile app so you can monitor from afar. Have an old Flame Boss smoker controller or looking to rehab one you got secondhand? Be sure to check out our selection of Flame Boss replacement parts that includes easy-to-replace probes, adapters, battery packs and more.